Da Posse - Its My Life

Da Posse - Its My Life

Artists: Da Posse

Release date: 08 Feb 2016

Label: Clone Classic Cut

Its My Life

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Clone Classic Cuts continues to dig in the crates to bring back forgotten or obscure records from the past! This is 3 tracks by Da Posse (produced by Hula... one of the Outthere Brothers... and with Maurice Joshua, K Fingers & Martell). Strings & Its My Life are Chicago's take on Detroit techno... a rare release that sounds like a early Derrick May record (think 'The Dance') but maybe slightly more straight forward (as one might expect from Chicago). A rare piece in house and techno history since this is one of the rare examples of a record that doesn't show the clear difference between Chicago and Detroit in the late 80's. This record most likely got produced within 1 year after Rhythm = Rhythms legendary Nude Photo and Strings of Life releases (both '87 and this came out in '88). As extra bonus track we have The Groove. A phat bass driven chicago acid track that still rocks it. Another fine piece of powerful dance music history back in the spot light!

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