Doms & Deykers - Dedicated To Those Who Feel

Doms & Deykers - Dedicated To Those Who Feel

Artists: Doms & Deykers

Release date: 11 Apr 2016

Label: 3024

Dedicated to those who feel

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Dutch power duo Doms & Deykers a.k.a Steffi and Martyn step up to the plate with a brand new action packed offering. Following up their "Fonts for the People EP" and their track "Whirling" on Ostgut Ton's Zehn LP, the two take their continuous collaboration to a new level. The three tracks on "Dedicated to those who feel" see Steffi and Martyn recognizing their respective strengths, combining their 90s heritage with a vision of the future, modern techno soul with all its flaws and bright euphoric moments. "Dedicated to those who feel" serves as the introduction to a full length Doms & Deykers LP, scheduled for later this year.

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