Gay Marvine - Dance Floor Favourites Vol.1

Gay Marvine - Dance Floor Favourites Vol.1

Artists: Gay Marvine

Release date: 22/07/16

Label: Bath House Etiquette


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This is volume one of a two volume set from edit master Gay Marvine aptly called Dance Floor Favorites These are some of his most sought after unreleased edits that are known for their strong reaction on the dance floor. They cause an instant heat. Includes his own rude jacking acid jam “Banji Girl Realness”, using lines from Paris is Burning conjuring the energy of the dance floor battles that would ensue during a Ken Collier set at Heaven. “Keepyourbodyworkin” delivers that filth your dance floor needs, while “Street Life” simply elevates your floor, walking on air. And nothing shines the light stronger than “Weekend”, always a peak moment at a party.

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