Jordan Fields - Straight From The Tapes

Jordan Fields - Straight From The Tapes

Artists: Jordan Fields

Release date: 16/12/16

Label: Chicago Basement Trax


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Chicago Basement Trax flexes its muscles and enlisted the services of one Chicago's Crown jewels of the Underground in the form of one Mr. Jordan Fields. Apparently only deep connections in the scene or a history of teenage friendship yields you access to this sort of Magic on vinyl! Nothing but Pure authentic 1980s + a bonus disco dub?! Wow! Surely at this point Chicago Basement Trax is looking to reenforce their mythology while also stating the obvious. No doubt this is the pure uncut raw from the man with the plan himself so let's see who wants to see the Provenance now? Want to trip more? Rumour has it Vincent Floyd is coming next. Do what needs to be done and get this now.

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