KMS Origins Vol. 1

KMS Origins Vol. 1

Artists: Reece, Cosmic Messenger, Intercity

Release date: 27/05/2016

Label: KMS


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Kevin Saunderson's KMS imprint is a label that should require no introduction. The motor city label has been a Techno mainstay since it's inception in 1987.

Numerous Detroit luminaries have released classic after classic on the labels hallowed grooves over the last 25+ years and it's influence is still felt in contemporary dance music today. The idea behind the KMS "Origins" series is to shine a light on the lesser known cuts in the KMS vaults as well as the classics that have given the label it's legendary status during it's lifetime. Kicking off EP 001 are Intercity, a collaborative effort between Saunderson, Derrick May and James "Suburban Knight" Pennington. "Groovin without doubt" is the track featured and is typical of the stripped back machine funk that would emanate from Detroit in the coming decades, originally released in 1987 the track still sounds killer on today's dancefloors! Following is the legendary Stacey Pullen aka Cosmic Messenger with his deep, melodic "Soundscape (Intricate mix)", released in 1993 on KMS offshoot label Eclipse the track pushes a supremely futuristic edge that showcases Pullen's prowess as a producer who is often unfairly underrated. Still sounding like it's from another planet "Soundscape" continues to excite and remain contemporary. Side B begins with some classic KMS breakbeat / Rave stylings from Master Reese himself, "You're Mine" is a sample heavy cut n paste monster from 1990, the "original mix" is featured here and still sounds like it weighs a ton, drop this one on a big system and watch the crowd lose it. Often imitated, never bettered! Rounding out the EP we have E-Dancer's "Pump the move", a stripped back, almost tribalish jam from 1991. This is some direct, heads down, dark dancefloor material, driving drums and synth stabs are woven through loose drum programming to create a "runaway train" feeling. Definitely one for the peak time dancefloors! "Origins" 001 will appeal to those who are new to KMS and will serve as the perfect entry point, it will also appeal to the diehard fans who dig that hardcore Detroit sound!

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