Manik - Recourse Feat Cari Golden

Manik - Recourse Feat Cari Golden

Artists: Manik, Cari Goldenq

Release date: 22/04/16

Label: Ovum


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Fall into a dream state, leave your body, here we go… Fresh from launching his 909 Til Infinity with Option 4 and storming BPM so hard he was identified by Pulse Radio as one of the key breakthrough acts of the Mexican festival, MANIK returns to Ovum with more visceral, physical slabs of straight-up tech funk. ‘Recourse’ is special. Teaming up with LA word-painter Cari Golden, his fluctuating, body-popping groove is peppered with barbed purring poetry that’s part existential, part party, all unique: Cari matching MANIK’s every bobbing bass texture, MANIK matching Cari’s every observation, everything about ‘Recourse’ is distinctive, exciting and full of fresh energy. Momentum maintained throughout; things take an unexpected dubby twist as the ‘VHS’ shimmers and ripples with synth insistency. Rolling hi-hats, hip-snapping clap attacks and a timeless vocal shot build around each other, occasionally revealing a fully-juiced bassline swinging and rolling with total consistency. ‘Los Angeles Dub’ is straight up jack, no chaser: a grainy, analogue moment of total unabashed machine-melting funk. Don’t be fooled by the title’s locale; we could be in any party city at any period of time in the last 30 years and this will cause the same frenzied moves. MANIK’s been delivering the goods for several years, but even by his standards this is another level. Something tells us BPM isn’t the only thing he’ll be breaking through this year…

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