Norm Talley & Michael Zucker - South by Midwest

Norm Talley & Michael Zucker - South by Midwest

Artists: Norm Talley, Michael Zucker

Release date: 20/07/16

Label: Future Sessions


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Owner operator of Finale Sessions Music Michael Zucker has brought you a sister label called future sessions music to showcase his own music with close friends and family and we are excited to able to share this label with you. Starting with our first release with the detroit veteren Norm Talley and Finale Sessions veteren MichaelZucker and we will start with Norm Talley’s music first with the track called “power “it has the sublime detroit deep sound with its sharp chords and that pumping deep kick and claps and it also has additional work from another detroit legend delano smith but what makes this track is the fantastic vocals from the soul. Track two “lock jaw” is just raw beatdown late night track with deep chicago classic sound with a pumping kicks and mind altering synth. Then next we have Michael Zuckers first track “parisian nights” with it’s classic filtered classic chicago sound with proper pads and chords with a vocal drifting in and out of the spectrum . Track two “ thought process” is just an amazing deep inspired melodic trip with key’s and that classic b4 organ that sets the tone for the pads and that lifted filtered sound . We are excited to be able to work together Norm Talley and myself and we hope you enjoy this journey also.

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