SMD - Remember In Reverse

SMD - Remember In Reverse

Artists: SMD

Release date: 29/07/16

Label: Delicacies


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The second of this year’s SMD singles on their own Delicacies label is features another two original tracks, leading with the hypnotic, late night techno loping of “Remember In Reverse”, drenched in glistening synths. The second track, “Soft Attack” takes a much more direct approach, with a brash battering of crash cymbals on every 4th bar marking time as a sinuous synth melody curls around the rhythmatic trunk. “Soft Attack (Drum Version)” pares it down even further, excising the melody for a minimal DJ tool.

Also included here is a remix of ‘Remember in Reverse” from 90s mid west techno legend, DJ Hyperactive, who we’re super excited to have on this release. He extensive 11 minute rework transforms the track, sprinkling it with subtle doses of acid.

After a short hiatus following their modular-only, desert recorded last album “Whorl”, during which SMD's James Ford found himself on production duties for everyone and their dog, SMD are back with bunch of techno cuts on their own Delicacies label.

Over a couple of months in Jas Shaw's newly re-located synth-dense studio in leafy Kent, which saw SMD once again experiment with live jams as the basis for their production, they’ve pulled together a selection of eight tracks for release as a series of four singles over the coming months.

SMD fans will note that the earlier naming convention of Delicacies has fallen by the wayside – for the simple reason that we’ve pretty much run out of weird and wonderful food stuffs to steal names from. Instead, a semi-random automated process has been used to create the track names.

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