Swing Du Ghetto Vol.1

Swing Du Ghetto Vol.1

Artists: LB Aka Labat

Release date: 23/08/16

Label: Robsoul Jazz


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“I just do what comes , I don’t limit myself when I'm in front of the mpc, just put the power on and fiddle shit with it.” The words of Lyon-based artist and new Robsoul Jazz signing LB aka LABAT, a producer on the rise and a young man who’s already caught the ear of MCDE. With a devotion to jazz and hip-hop it's no surprise that both genres heavily influence his own work, but House music? Well, that’s more a means to an end. “First and foremost I love to DJ. I’ve discovered how much I love that feeling of sharing my music and what's the point of a live show if it doesn’t make your hips shake? That's why I produce house music.”2014 was the breakthrough year when his track ‘More Kindyness’ was included on the ‘Le Sampler Des Copains’ vinyl release on Face Records. Since then his soulful, groove-heavy productions have impressed and lead to the current 2016 pinnacle of ‘Disques Solaires’, his debut album release on Groovedge Records. A new chapter now opens with his debut Robsoul release. An impressive five track selection that sashays through styles and sound to present a perfect picture of LB aka LABAT. House, Soul and Hip-Hop feed our soundtrack, powered by a sublime sample selection. Swing Ghetto Vol.1 … Enjoy!

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